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Patient Reviews

Traditional Chinese Medicine is versatile, and many are unaware of the range of conditions it can treat, both as a primary and an adjunct therapy. The World Health Organization recognizes its efficacy in over 100 symptoms and diseases. If you have any questions specific to your situation, please do not hesitate to call and talk to one of our practitioners. Some of the conditions treated by acupuncture and Chinese medicine include:


Acupuncture Health Center is a hidden gem inside one of the medical buildings on France Ave in Edina. (I heard they have another location in Minneapolis.) I went there for treatment for the pain of my neck, back and arms. The clinic is clean and has a soothing atmosphere with friendly receptionists. Dr. Ma treated me for a few sessions. Each treatment lasted around 45 mins or so with acupuncture, cupping and massage in a comfortable environment. I felt improvement each time I had the treatment. Dr. Ma is also very patient in answering questions and giving suggestions on prevention. I highly recommend Acupuncture Health Center!

– Jin


Huge recommendation for Dr. Ma at Acupuncture Health Center (Edina and Minneapolis). I’m a 46 year old women in great shape. I am a former gymnast and runner so I’ve been hard on my back. A week and a half ago, for some odd reason, my back just seized up in spasms. Yes, I have an amazing Chiropractor (Dr. Mitch at Excelsior Chiropractic) and I rested, iced, rolled, took ibuprofen and all that. But for my excruciating lower spasms, the worst pain I’ve had since my labor, seeing Dr. Ma is what made a huge difference. His demeanor, care, knowledge and sense of humor has helped me so much. I’ve seen him three times in 5 days. I feel like I could do a cartwheel (but I’m not going to). I’m smiling again. Thank you, Dr. Ma!

– Tristana


Dr. Ma and the staff at the Edina and Minneapolis office are amazing! My family has been going there for 10 years now. He has treated us for sinus problems, allergies, headaches, back and arthritis pain. Thank you for all that you do!

– Nadia


I have had nothing but a great experience at Acupuncture Health Center. The staff is extremely professional and friendly. I have never had to wait for my appointments. The atmosphere is clean and calming. I have been to both of their locations. The new office in Minneapolis is spa-like! Dr. Ma is very knowledgeable and gentle. His credentials are top-notch. I highly recommend this center.

– Doni


I would recommend Acupuncture Health Center to anyone. I have had a positive experience every time I have been treated. The staff proactively worked with my health insurance company so I knew payment options before my first treatment. They have been very accommodating with my scheduling requests. Dr. Ma is so knowledgeable and amazing to work with. I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Bonus: easy and free parking at both the Edina and the new Minneapolis location.

– Megan


I’m new to traditional Chinese medicine, but I’ve had a great experience here. Dr. Ma is very knowledgeable and competent, and I very much trust his treatment.

– Ben


Dr. Ma has helped me with my Trigeminal Nerve that was damaged from a brain tumor. I was in so much pain but he is helping me cut down on my medication and live almost pain free! I will continue treatment for as long as it takes. Anyone suffering from this should seek him out. It is not a miracle cure that happens overnight but with continued treatment you too can get relief from the pain and relieve yourself from the side effects of the medication that is standard for this condition.

– Brenda


Dr. Ma and the staff at the Edina office are amazing! The treatments have been life changing in relieving stress, helping with digestion, and keeping anxiety at bay! Feeling lighter, happier, & more rested! Thank you for all that you do!

– Jen


I had acupuncture done several times for my back pain at Edina location by Dr. Ma. I have to say he is very experienced and professional, my back pain went away after just four treatment sessions. I also recommend my parents to try acupuncture there for constipation and sleeping disorders, they just loved it! I would highly recommend this place to my friends who experience especially muscular pain to have a trial, it is really worth it!

– Jin


I went to see Dr. Ma for treating several issues including high blood pressure, knee and shoulder pain, flu, etc. The facilities are nice and clean. (There are two facilities now, one in Edina and one in Minneapolis.) Dr. Ma is always kind and patient. He not only treated me with acupuncture, vacuum cup, and message, he also provided other guidance which greatly improved my conditions.

– Yu Li


I had inflammation in my left shoulder from over use in volleyball. I first heard about acupuncture health center from a friend who had a similar problem last year. I met with Dr. Ma and Dr. Willis multiple times for acupuncture and cupping. After about 6 sessions, I felt little to no pain. I still go back once in a while to check on it, but their services were very great! I think acupuncture and cupping helped cure my shoulder and I highly recommend acupuncture health center!

– Ellie


As a person who suffers from Fibromyalgia and chronic pain I was seeking an alternative to the multiple prescription drugs that seemed to be my only option. I have been going to AHC for 8 months and have been off all pain medications for the past 4 months. I highly recommend this treatment option for those who are wanting a more holistic healing option.

– Merlynne


I’ve been seeing Benjamin Jacobson for 15 years. Within my first two months of seeing him on a weekly basis, he resolved my lower back pain that had been haunting me for over 5 years. Now, my only health care is seeing Benjamin weekly and a chiropractor monthly. I am 55, and have needed little other care all of these years. One of my four children sees him weekly, my autistic son, and it has made such a difference in his demeanor, solving body pain, internal pain. My daughters see him at least monthly and continue to be healthy and not in need of other health care. My sister, who has lived in Tokyo for 20 years and has tried several practitioners there will schedule multiple sessions with Benjamin when she is home in the summer and at the holidays. We all agree that Benjamin, who is extremely knowledgeable, is also remarkably intuitive and insightful, and has the ability to name the cause, instruct on the solution, and use his amazing skill to help resolve difficult issues. I’ve recommended Benjamin to many, and anyone who has schedule time with him has become a believer in Benjamin to assist with their health care needs.

– Kathryn


I have been going to Dr. Ma for over 8 years now and highly recommend him and anyone else at Acupuncture Health Center. The quality of my life has improved greatly. His treatments were tremendously helpful while going through chemo and many surgeries. My surgeons/doctors would ask how I stay so positive and did so well and I would say that Dr. Ma’s treatments were one of the main reasons.

– Tanja


the best treatment is prevention. I would highly recommend Dr. Ma’s professional and effective services. I feel better and more centered whenever I come here.

– Alex


I had severe pain in my right hamstring muscle. Dr Ma worked on it with acupuncture and cupping. The pain was gone by the end of the day! He said the sciatic nerve had been aggravated and needed time to heal. I have now recommended others to go see Dr Ma.

– Robert


I have received excellent healing results from Dr. Ma. After a serious accident I started treatments and the results have been very effective. I highly recommend Dr. Ma and his wonderful staff at the Acupuncture Center.

– Michael


I got referred to this clinic a few weeks ago. Dr. Ma has been treating me with patience, professionalism and also genuine care. My symptoms immediately got better after a week of treatment with prescribed herbs. I will continue seeing Dr. Ma and also I recommend everyone to try this clinic. I have been to three clinics in the past for acupuncture and this has been the best so far. It is also one of the few places my insurance covers.

– May


Professional medical skills are well performed by Dr. Ma and his associates. I have been under the care by Dr. Ma for several years since the illness then the wellness. He healed me then rejuvenated me. Acupuncture Health Center provides excellent services for wellness fortification and illness treatment that you can count on.

– Chiming


I have been seeing Dr. Ma for several weeks now. I have been treated for a chronic Achilles problem (3 years). It has helped tremendously. I no longer need to wear corrective shoes which had become a FT requirement both inside and out of the home. I also had chronic neck and shoulder pain for many years. I had accommodated with a special pillow for many years as well. I no longer need that pillow, and sleep fabulously. Terrible shoulder pain is completely gone. Can’t say enough about this treatment and my dramatically improved quality of life!! Highly recommend for anyone to give it a try.

– Julie


Seasonal allergy, migraine headache, lower back pains are some of my reasons that I visited Dr. Ma in the past six years. First met him at a health seminar where I was very impressed by his in depth understanding of TCM (traditional chinese medicine) but was able to explain in very simple terms. Dr. Ma is the best TCM doctor I know. Staff are friendly, clinic are clean, and zen. I am able to manage my health issues without taking any drugs. I also sleep better after treatment. Highly recommend the clinic to everyone.

– Feng


I avoided Deep Brain Stimulation surgery with Dr. Ma’s acupuncture treatments. After 10 treatments, my essential tremor has been reduced by at least 80%. I can now eat with a fork, write & use a keyboard. My life is back on track due to acupuncture!
Medicare needs to start covering this treatment!!!

– Lora


I came to AHC and Dr. Ma experiencing concussion symptoms that were not going away, even after various therapy approaches had been tried for several months. I was basically “stuck” and was frustrated by my lack of recovery. Right away Dr. Ma gave me hope and optimism that he would be able to help me recover and reclaim my life. I was very impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, kindness – and his deep understanding of the interconnected nature of the human body. He knows which particular techniques and therapies to apply on a given visit to obtain favorable results and bring balance and healing to one’s body. I am so grateful that I am fully recovered and am amazed at the recuperative powers of acupuncture. Every encounter I had with Dr. Ma and other staff members was extremely positive. Thank you!

– Lisa


I started going to Acupuncture Health Center two months ago and have had nothing but a great experience. Every staff member I have interacted with has been extremely friendly and helpful. They are always running on schedule and I have never had to wait. I have been seeing Dr. Ma for all of my treatments. He is extremely knowledgeable and immediately makes you feel calm. Overall, I can definitely tell a difference both mentally and physically. Receiving acupuncture treatment is the highlight of my week!

– Christa

After one session with Dr Ma, I made remarkable improvement in my whiplash, shoulder injury and post concussive syndrome. Dr. Ma is an amazing practitioner who is kind, gentle, patient, and who finally enabled me to start recovering from a significant concussion. The office staff is friendly and helpful! Highly recommend ACH!!!!

– Hannah


I have been attending the AHC and seeing Dr. Ma since April 2015 and the overall experience has been excellent! Dr. Ma and the staff are very welcoming and professional. I am new to the acupuncture experience and I am so happy that I made the decision to try it. I am very grateful for Dr. Ma and for all of his help through my healing. Every week I look forward to my appointment! Thank you!

– Missy


I’ve had chronic nerve damage for 13 years now. Two lower abdominal nerves were damaged from a mesh installed from a surgery. The mesh permanently damaged the two nerves. I’ve tried pain killers, nerve blocking medication and other pain blocking procedures. All of this just masked the pain. Then I tried acupuncture. Dr. Ma knew there was something wrong. In six weeks of visits I already feel like a new person, I feel like I’m starting to get my life back. Thank You.

– Dan


This was a great experience over all!!!

The people are great, Great atmosphere, Very welcoming and can squeeze you in, in an emergency or last minute appointment!!

I was very anxious about doing acupuncture, but I thought I would give it a try.
It is amazing how Dr. Ma knows what is going on with you and your concerning problem in seconds!

Not everything is cured or controlled in one session, but I am so pleased with how relaxed my pain is, I plan on making this a regular thing.

The Best part is they take some insurances.

I would recommend this place to anyone.

– Alyssa


I have been going to AHC for four months now to help with healing from surgery and cancer treatments. I had never tried acupuncture in the past and I am so glad that I gave it a try and found Dr. Ma at AHC. Dr. Ma and his staff provide an extremely safe and professional atmosphere for clients to go for their healing needs. I feel that I am in really good hands and know that my health and well being is Dr. Ma’s number one goal. The staff is very well educated and has a strong knowledge and background in acupuncture health. Since starting acupuncture, I have noticed that not only has my healing process from cancer greatly improved but my general overall health and well being has also improved, all in a very short period of time. After my treatment sessions with Dr. Ma, I sleep better, have had more energy and have felt less anxious and more peaceful. I always leave my sessions feeling better than when I walked in! Nobody would imagine that needles can be relaxing until you’ve tried acupuncture.
Thank you Dr. Ma and the entire friendly staff at AHC for all of your support and care during this difficult time in my life. You have restored hope for me and I look forward to an ongoing partnership with you for continued health. I highly recommend AHC, any of the staff are well qualified.

– Margaret


I recently developed a case of Bell’s Palsy as a result of Lyme Meningitis. I was referred by a friend to Acupuncture Health Center, Dr Ma. Upon release from the hospital I was told to expect a window of 4 to 8 weeks before I would start to see improvement. I was unable to close one of my eyes and had difficulty speaking. After just a couple treatments from Dr Ma I started to see improvement. Now after just a couple weeks of treatment I am back to normal. I would highly recommend Acupuncture Health Center. Dr Ma has been a pleasure to work with.

– Jeff


Dr. Ma & Dr. Gong have been integral part of my health and wellness journey. I’ve been seeing them for several years for various reasons and am often astonished on the effect TCM has had. I saw them while I was trying to get pregnant and through both of my pregnancies. And now I have Dr. Ma treating my baby, too!

– MS


Even though my severe anxiety isn’t “cured,” I can honestly say that I can see a light at the end of this tunnel whereas before beginning acupuncture, i couldn’t say the same. I work with Dr. Ma & Joanna who are both equally great in their own way. I’m a huge skeptic, but after 5 sessions here (and many more to come) I can’t speak highly enough of the benefits of acupuncture.

– Haley


Great treatment, very professional, very clean. I always feel better after every treatment. Dr. Ma is very knowledgeable and helpful. His staff is very friendly and went that extra mile to help me with my insurance questions! I would come every day if I could!

– Thomas


Dr. Ma treated me with acupuncture, cupping and Chinese medicine combined. He is always very knowledgable and patient with my questions. He also gave me suggestions that I can practice in my daily life. I highly recommend this clinic.

– Connie


Dr. Ma and the staff at Acupuncture Health Center were very welcoming and informative. My overall first experience with acupuncture was extremely comfortable and I will definitely be returning for more treatments. Thank you Dr. Ma!

– Christine


I started seeing Dr. Ma several years ago after trying all types of treatments for migraines. I thought this would fall into the category of all the other failed attempts of treatment I had tried in the past. All I can say is that Dr. Ma has changed my life. The treatments have always been on target and I would rather see Dr. Ma, then all of the general practitioners, neurologists, chiropractors, physical therapist, etc. I have seen in the past. I walk in and he can look at me and know exactly what is ailing me. I highly recommend this clinic. The staff is professional and you will always feel important.

– Donna


Ben & Joanna are outstanding healthcare professionals! They listen carefully, ask good questions, answer all of my questions and provide a holistic approach to healthcare. Thanks to them, I am feeling much better!

– Fenrick


I came to Dr. Ma with severe back and neck pain related to a pinched nerve/muscle spasm. I’ve tried everything; muscle relaxers, pain killers, chiropractic care, physical therapy, trigger point injections with steroids etc. After three treatments of cupping and acupuncture, my pain has already lessened by half. I highly recommend this center to anyone who struggles with pain and Western Medicine just isn’t cutting it for you. Friendly staff, cleanly and welcoming. I can’t thank you enough!

– Stephanie


We have been very pleased with the Acupuncture Health Center. It is very plain to see that they truly and deeply care about the health of their patients. The service we have received has been kind, compassionate, and effective.

– Daniel


I was brought there by a friend for pain that I have suffered for decade and was very pleased with the doctors/acupuncturists at this clinic. Surprisingly, the needles were not painful nor intimidating as thought. The treatments were given as needed and effective. The Tuina and Chinese herbs prescribed really helped. I was very please to find treatment and realizing enduring “pain” in a daily life is n’t necessary good for ones’ wellbeing.

– Amy


Acupuncture can help you recovering from car accident suffering, and Dr. Ma Huan is the second to none. I was involved in a car accident pile-up on S. Cedar Ave bridge at the beginning of December. A reckless driver was distracted and rammed into my car when I stopped in the traffic. My car were both ended and totaled. Physically, I got chest muscle strained and left knee contusion very badly. Mentally, I felt like vomiting , lightheaded, loss of my appetite, serious palpitation for couple days. What’s worse, it was my school’s final week. I have serious anxiety and fatigue between my school’s exam and my injury. I visited the Fairview Hospital for X-Ray examination and further treatment, and all they could give me was only two pills of pain-killer and asking me to take rest home. I was disappointed because these didn’t improve my problems at all, so I turned to Dr. Ma for acupuncture ,tuina(a kind of gentle massage), and herbal help.

So I started to receive regular treatment from Dr. Ma twice a week, according to my schedule, and I have to say, the result was awesome!! Up to week two since the treatment start, I got my physical pain diminished, and I felt less like vomiting and lightheaded, though I still had palpitation and anxiety while driving. . After another two weeks, I felt almost 90% healthy, with no palpitation and anxiety, and I didn’t have any physical or neurogial pain bothering me or side effect lingering in my body anymore. Right Now I’m still continuing my treatment and the recovering progress has been very positive.

I used to believe that acupuncture and herbal treatment can improve human health and mental condition. But not until this time did I realize that they are also the great solution to car accidents, especially in this state, which is well known for the hazard winter condition and reckless drivers. Though it may depend on how serious the injury is to decide the length of the treatment, I still would suggest acupuncture and herbal medicine for the solution. If you have any similar problem , just call to Dr. Ma. You won’t be disappointed!!

– Sam

I was referred by a friend to go see Dr. Ma and I did not know what to expect going in. Acupuncture was such a great experience and Dr. Ma really addressed my issues with ongoing support. Staff is also very friendly and professional.

– Chris



For a very long time I suffered with pain in my feet. I was not able to get any relief no matter what doctor I saw. Several
Friends asked me if I had tried acupuncture and what a gift this has been. I have been seeing Dr. Joann Willis at both offices of Acupuncture Health Clinic. The relief I have had has been awesome. I still cannot believe the results! Dr. Willis has a wide range of experience and knowledge. She is wonderful about explaining things to me and she is very detailed oriented and is very happy to look for alternatives.to help me. We are working on digestive issues now and the success has been wonderful. She is always on time and always takes time for you. Her office staff is wonderful and very helpful. The offices are clean and inviting and welcoming. I have total trust in Dr. Willis and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help. Her skills are unlimited and I have been fortunate to have experienced them and hope to for a long time to come.

– Ruthie


Huge recommendation for Dr. Ma at Acupuncture Health Center (Edina and Minneapolis). I’m a 46 year old women in great shape. I am a former gymnast and runner so I’ve been hard on my back. A week and a half ago, for some odd reason, my back just seized up in spasms. Yes, I have an amazing Chiropractor (Dr. Mitch at Excelsior Chiropractic) and I rested, iced, rolled, took ibuprofen and all that. But for my excruciating lower spasms, the worst pain I’ve had since my labor, seeing Dr. Ma is what made a huge difference. His demeanor, care, knowledge and sense of humor has helped me so much. I’ve seen him three times in 5 days. I feel like I could do a cartwheel (but I’m not going to). I’m smiling again. Thank you, Dr. Ma!

– Tristana


Strained my lower back, could barely walk when I arrived. Saw Dr. Ma, was walking straight when I left. The man is a Miracle Worker! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

– David



I have been seeing Tao Gong for the past year for cosmetic acupuncture. First I would like to say that I am extremely grateful to have found a kind, warm, highly skilled, knowledgeable and gracious provider.

I am 56 years old and people comment on the youthfulness of my skin everyday. Many people actually say I look 10-15 years younger than my age, and while I take good care of myself by eating healthy foods, exercising and minimizing stress-
I believe much of it has to do with my monthly cosmetic acupuncture appointments (which I call wellness appointments) with Tao Gong.

The greatest benefit though is not that I may look younger, but that I feel younger and healthier.  Her cosmetic protocol treats the entire body (mind and spirit) and I have noticed a positive change in my health in the past year.  While I am a very healthy person, I experienced occasional digestive issues and sleep disturbances (menopause) before starting my appointments, but all of that improved greatly with my monthly cosmetic acupuncture appointments.

There is no need to inject poisonous Botox in your skin or have cosmetic sugery when you can maintain your youth and health naturally.

Every appointment feels like a spa treatment.  It is very relaxing, and nourishes me physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I highly recommend cosmetic acupuncture with Tao Gong. She is a very special human being and provider. Her protocol is relaxing, thorough and effective!

This entire group has a great reputation and is highly recommended!

– Peggy


Absolutely love this place! Dr. Ma and his staff are kind, knowledgeable and caring and offer the BEST service in the Twin Cities! This isn’t your ‘average’ acupuncture clinic… Dr. Ma goes above and beyond to make your experience comfortable and relaxing. Not only have I seen weekly improvements, but my overall health is so much better! I recommend Dr. Ma to everyone I know and feel SO lucky to have found such a wonderful clinic. 🙂

– Mollie


I see am currently Joanna at this clinic.  She is very kind and sympathetic to my chronic headaches and other pain.  All of the staff is also very welcoming.  I have found it to be easy to get an appointment that works with my schedule.  I feel the treatments offer good relief and Joanna also has given me some good at home tips!

– Kim


Dr. Ma is a friendly and caring person. He did a great job of treating my chronic  stomachache and lower back pain problem. After each visit, I feel like I am getting better. I would highly recommend this clinic to my friends.

– Alva


I go out of my way to get to AHC pretty much every week. I’ve been seen for many chronic issues and acupuncture has been a wonderful complementary and effective treatment for me. I can’t imagine going through some of the things I’ve survived without the help of Dr Ma, Dr Gong, and Ben. They are an amazing team of compassionate and expert providers. Their support staff are extremely friendly and helpful when dealing with scheduling and insurance.

– Serenity


I have been getting treatment here for stress, chronic muscle tension, trouble sleeping etc.
They are able to comprehensively treat me with any issue I present and I have always had great results.  Everyone in this office spends as much time as you need and they work together on your treatment if you are unable to see your specific practitioner.  I like that they work so well together and feel that they are knowledgeable, affordable and actually care about my health.  Thank you AHC for helping me feel so much better!

– Maggie


Excellent service. I have serious back issues that many Chiro’s have claimed to be able to solve, but have not. Dr. Ma does a fabulous job helping me minimize the pain so that I can live a normal life.

– Bradley


Huge recommendation for Dr. Ma at Acupuncture Health Center (Edina and Minneapolis). I’m a 46 year old women in great shape. I am a former gymnast and runner so I’ve been hard on my back. A week and a half ago, for some odd reason, my back just seized up in spasms. Yes, I have an amazing Chiropractor (Dr. Mitch at Excelsior Chiropractic) and I rested, iced, rolled, took ibuprofen and all that. But for my excruciating lower spasms, the worst pain I’ve had since my labor, seeing Dr. Ma is what made a huge difference. His demeanor, care, knowledge and sense of humor has helped me so much. I’ve seen him three times in 5 days. I feel like I could do a cartwheel (but I’m not going to). I’m smiling again. Thank you, Dr. Ma!

– Tristana


I was having some issues after surgery so a friend strongly suggested I try acupuncture. I wasn’t exactly skeptical but also was not exactly sure it would help. My friend persisted to the point of gifting me a package of sessions so I made an appointment with Joanna.
I was sold after the first session! Joanna is a very skilled acupuncture professional and a wonderful person to work with. She has not only helped resolve my original issues but has helped identify underlying issues that contributed to the problems. She takes the time to get to know “you”.
Each sessions is like a mini vacation,I leave feeling relaxed mentally and physically  better!
I am so glad my friend persisted and I am so glad she recommend Joanna!
If you are thinking about it, just do it!

– Bonnie


I have a sever case of shingles, and have tried everything that I could think of to relieve the pain in my neck from pain clinics to pain killers, physical therapy, nothing has worked until I heard about acupuncture.  I decided to try it, what a surprise seeing Dr. Ma at the Acupuncture Health Center in Edina, MN has made a huge difference in my life.  I am finally getting the relief that I wanted.  I would recommend to anyone with a pain problem to see Dr. Ma, and find out if they can help you.

– Carl


First timer to acupuncture and it’s been life changing! I was fighting digestion, anxiety, & stress related issues. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Ma, I have not only been feeling better but lighter! Sleeping through the night and able to manage the stress of work better. Extremely grateful for getting my life back and on the way to recovery! Thank you!!!

– Jenifer


Acupuncture Health Center is not in the network of my insurance plan.  That means I have to pay more to receive treatments here.  I am very glad that I choose this clinic. I have been treated by Dr. Ma for nearly two months and I really like my experience here.  Dr. Ma is very professional, kind and sympathetic.  The staff is friendly and helpful.  The rooms are clean.

– Alice


The BEST acupuncturist I’ve ever had! I have been seeing Dr. Ma off and on for the past 4 years now. This time around I’m getting treatment for a whiplash injury. He can help with everything from acute injury to chronic pain to a case of the sniffles. Despite scientific evidence to the contrary, I hold firm in my belief that he is a Magic worker!! I highly recommend this business to all my friends.

– Anna


Two years ago I had a problem with my parathyroid and needed surgery. After attending around  3 months worth of acupuncture treatment, my calcium levels in the blood were brought back down to a normal and no longer needed surgery. Now I still attend regular sessions to control my blood pressure so I don’t have to take medication. Thank you Dr. Ma!!

– Hoa


Dr.Ma is a true miracle maker. His 4 sessions did me more good than 3 months of physical therapy. He is not just a great doctor but a wonderful and caring person. His staff members (Kathy in particular) are way more than just helpful and courteous. With them it is a given.
I could not more recommend this place: just go and participate (albeit passively) in miracle making.

– Peter


I’ve been going to Dr. Ma for many years – for lower back pain, allergies and more.  He has an amazing ability to see and understand the problem and is a master with needles.  Dr. Joanna is great too.  The staff and overall vibe of the office is so positive – always welcoming — but don’t take my word — just go yourself.

– Joe


Dr Ma is amazing!  I have had Bells Palsy that was not improving and as soon as I started treatments with Dr Ma it started getting better. I could see a visible difference each week as treatments progressed and an added bonus was feeling so much better and calmer-this is the first winter I haven’t dealt with SAD also.  Dr Ma has experience, knowledge and a very gentle touch. His staff is also wonderful!

– Patti


I have suffered with a very painful, chronic intestinal issue for over 30 years.  When both an E.R. doctor, and my G.I. specialist suggested I try acupuncture in conjunction with my ‘western’ medical treatments, I was desperate to try anything.  I was referred to Dr. Ma and the Acupuncture Health Center.  Acupuncture has dramatically helped in preventing the onset of symptoms, and shortens a flair up when they happen.  My quality of life is definitely improved directly due to my acupuncture treatments.  Dr. Ma is kind, gentle, and knowledgable.  I wish I had found acupuncture 30 years ago.

– Janet


Dr. Ma and his staff are top-notch! They go above and beyond to make sure patients are comfortable and relaxed. I was trepidatious about acupuncture prior to seeing Dr. Ma; Dr. Ma quickly assuaged my fears and made me feel at ease. I have been receiving acupuncture for approximately 4 months and have noticed substantial changes in my vitality and overall health. I highly recommend the Acupuncture Health Center to anyone who is considering acupuncture for the first time or has extensive experience with acupuncture, you won’t regret it!!!

– JW


Wonderful service and a very knowledgeable Dr. ! Dr. Ma takes care of his patients and makes sure to work with you and your schedule!

– Orestes


The expertise, care for the patient, and treatment outcome of Acupuncture Health Center is top-notch. I experienced the benefits on the first visit, and decided to make this my acupuncture “home.”

– Lauren


I’ve gone to Dr. Ma for many years to help my chronic back pain. He is absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend him to my family and friends all the time. I’ve been to many other acupuncturists and he is by far the best! Great service at this clinic!

– Aria


Dr Ma is an amazing man.  He is caring, kind, and compassionate.  He takes time to listen to what is bothering you and really cares about your well being.  I must say I was skeptical about acupuncture, but after my first visit, Dr. Ma was able to relieve pain in my back that no one else could do in 5 years.  I tried PT, Chiro, multiple MRI’s that were inconclusive pain killers, etc,  and nothing helped.  Dr Ma has made my pain go away.  Thanks Dr.Ma…………..you are TRULY a life changer!

– Matt


I have serious neck pain and upper back issues for a long time, tried both physical therapy and chiropractors, still pain.  I started treatment with Dr. Ma one month ago, and feel much better every time.
the service here is also excellent.
I highly recommend this clinic to my friends.

– Qing


This is a very professional acupuncture clinic with friendly helpful staff and a high standard of treatment.  I have been receiving treatment here on a regular basis from Chiou Huang for about 9 months.  She has exceeded my expectations and taken a genuine interest in my well being. Many of the issues I originally came to treat are long gone. I have experienced decreases in pain and recovery time along with increased athletic performance.
I have been to many acupuncture clinics both stateside and abroad and ‘acupuncture health center’ rates among the best.  If you are new to acupuncture this is the ideal clinic to start with. You can be confident you will receive excellent care no matter the issue.

– James




I am a runner who has dealt with a torn hamstring tendon for over a year. When other therapy didn’t help, I tried acupuncture. They have helped me make outstanding progress in reducing pain, increasing flexibility and making running a possibility again. I would highly recommend the Acupuncture Health Center for athletes who have tried everything else to get fast pain relief and healing results. Thank you.



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