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Acupuncture for Cardiopulmonary Issues

The heart and lungs are crucial to the overall balance and maintenance of the body’s necessary functions. When these organ systems do not function properly, it can cause serious consequences for the overall health of the individual and uncomfortable side effects. Acupuncture works to bring your body into balance, to build your immune system, to relieve pain and to prevent future health problems. Research has shown, for example, that acupuncture and herbal medicine can be just as effective in lowering blood pressure as single-drug therapy and aggressive lifestyle changes.1,2 Ask your acupuncturist about working in concert with your medical doctor to manage cardiopulmonary conditions more naturally.

Cardiopulmonary Testimonials

I have suffered from sinus problems for as long as I can remember. I have had repeat sinus infection after sinus infection, cold after cold for many years. My doctors would always place me on antibiotics – with no relief. Then it was allergy tests – 3 to be exact – for several years, with no allergies present. They proceeded to place me on allergy medications such as Allegra, Zyrtec, and Flonase. Not a single relief was in sight. It was miserable.

My cousin out in San Francisco began using an acupuncturist for her sinuses, allergies, and migraine headaches. She had relief within several months and has not had major problems since. I began using Dr. Ma in July and since then my sinuses, energy, and headaches have improved like never before. Although I am not 100% cured this is the best I have felt in 8+ years.

I would recommend acupuncture and herbal medication to anyone who asks. I was very skeptical before my treatments but I truly believe that it has helped me and can help many more people.


Edina, Minnesota

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  2. Yanling Fu. The Treatment of Hypertension by Acupuncture. Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1996.

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