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Acupuncture for Pain

Pain impacts quality of life for millions of Americans, getting in the way of living life to the fullest. Recent studies have proven what has been known in China for centuries: Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for pain without the side effects of medications and the trauma of surgery. New studies indicate that acupuncture and herbal therapy can not only reduce inflammation and pain, but also improve mobility, circulation and overall quality of life for many pain sufferers.1 Whether your pain is acute or chronic, our acupuncturists will discuss the results you can expect through a treatment plan suited to your individual needs.

  1. Horstman, Judith. “Acupuncture,” Arthritis Today, Arthritis Foundation, 2005.

Pain Testimonials

The pain in my knee was disabling and as a last resort to surgery, a physician friend of mine suggested I try acupuncture. I knew it was critical to the process to have a Traditional Chinese approach. I started to make calls and spoke to several clinics. I felt comfortable with the location and Dr. Ma’s credentials, so I booked an appointment. From the moment I met him I knew I was in the right place. His kind, self assured manor was very appealing. The results were startling to me. The very first treatment offered relief. Within a few weeks I was able to return to activity I had not been able to do in some time. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I felt as though I had been given my life back. The added benefits that I did not expect were renewed energy, and less stress. I was able to sleep better as well. The staff he has assembled is professional and thoughtful and very considerate of my time. Later I discovered that Dr. Ma is considered to be one of the finest in his field, and a teacher held in great esteem. I feel very thankful to Dr. Ma for his expertise.


Bloomington, Minnesota

I am a runner who has dealt with a torn hamstring tendon for over a year. When other therapy didn’t help, I tried acupuncture. They have helped me make outstanding progress in reducing pain, increasing flexibility and making running a possibility again. I would highly recommend the Acupuncture Health Center for athletes who have tried everything else to get fast pain relief and healing results. Thank you.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

I am a 58 year old physical therapy assistant at a Twin Cities hospital. The work requires a lot of heavy lifting, twisting, and turning. I am also an avid gardener, camper and wood carver. Several years ago I started to have pain in several locations of old injuries of my youth. As arthritis runs heavily in my family, I thought I was doomed to suffer and started to cut back on the things I love, to save myself for my work. I suffered needlessly for several years. Then I started seeing Dr. Ma for other issues. He assured me that he could help me with my pain as well. My arthritis no longer keeps me from the things I love and gives me no problems at work. The occasional return of minor pain is quickly dealt with and I’m happily back to the life I love.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Since 1980 I have received weekly acupuncture treatments in Texas and Minnesota. I experienced treatment from a variety of practitioners and while I lived in Texas I had one acupuncturist for 17 years until he moved to Santa Fe. 13 years ago, I was so fortunate to find Dr. Ma and began treatment with Ben. Talk about 5-star excellence and wonderful treatment sessions. Then 4 years ago Ben Jacobson joined Dr. Ma’s staff and I began to see him weekly. I have found Ben to be very intelligent, kind, sensitive to others needs, thoughtful, creative, adventurous, and with his background in massage therapy he knows with 100 % accuracy where my aching muscles and bones need the treatment. Example: I had this very painful tingling in my left arm, hand, fingers, inhibiting my ability to sleep and limited the use of my left arm. After the 1st treatment that painful sensation left, 4 fingers and with further treatments focusing on the arm, thumb and that pain and tingling stopped and has not returned. After a 5 star, weekly treatment from Ben, I leave feeling relaxed, with an overall health and body renewal. What a gift.

R. Sully Gilbert

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