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Acupuncture for Wellness

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is fundamentally rooted in the idea that every aspect of the body is connected. When any one part is out of equilibrium, acupuncture can help to stabilize that disharmony. Whether seeking assistance to manage stress, to lose weight permanently, to shed years in your appearance or to quit smoking or other destructive behaviors, our practitioners use the tools of TCM to bring wellness into your way of being.1/2/3 By seeking balance and harmony in both your mind and your body, we not only treat the diseases of the present, but help to prevent the diseases of the future.

Wellness Issues

Weight loss

Cosmetic acupuncture

Smoking cessation

Stress reduction


I had no idea that acupuncture was so helpful to stroke victims. After the stroke was the first time I was presented with the possibility of getting acupuncture, and I was a bit skeptical. I thought acupuncture was just used to relieve pain and stress. Soon after my first few sessions, I learned that acupuncture is used to treat close to any condition of the body, and I saw its results. My progress and rehabilitation as well as my speech and left arm motor skills accelerated, and each week I saw tangible improvement. The doctors were also able to help me through the stroke rehabilitation process and encourage me in my efforts. I was able to ask questions about my condition since they were well-informed and knowledgeable in the field. Looking back, I consider acupuncture as a large determiner, along with therapy, to my rapid and steady improvement. Although it is hard to quantify its total impact, I’m very grateful to have gone to acupuncture while in the rehabilitation process.

Arden Hills, Minnesota

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