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Acupuncture for Genitourinary Conditions

Genitourinary problems can be both painful and persistent. Many conditions can prove difficult to maintain lasting results with standard medical treatments. Utilizing the tools of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including acupuncture and herbal therapy, our practitioners can first help to relieve the discomfort while also treating the body as a whole system, bringing it into harmony to ensure long-term results. Numerous clinical research studies, for example, have found acupuncture and herbs to be effective in treating infertility and impotence. For women, TCM treatment helps to regulate the ovulation cycle, and for men, the number of sperm and flow of semen is increased, which helps to improve both the mechanical and the emotional elements of impotence.1/2/3 Like all acupuncture, every case is treated individually, so discuss possible outcomes with your acupuncture provider to know what you can expect.

Genitourinary Conditions


Premenstrual Syndrome

Infertility and Impotence


Urinary tract infections


My husband and I live in the Caribbean where there are limited options in terms of fertility treatments. After a year of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant, I went to see Dr. Tao Gong while we were visiting Minnesota. After a month of treatments I began to understand how my whole body was connected and how stress played a major role in infertility. After just one treatment with Dr. Gong I was sleeping better. When we returned to the Caribbean I continued to take the herbs prescribed by Dr. Gong and also sought out alternative treatments. I am happy to say my husband and I are expecting our first baby in June!

Grenada, West Indies

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